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Onam – The Celebration of Kerala , is the most famous and traditional festival in Kerala. If you ask kids about Onam the first thing what they will mention is Holidays because in Kerala Onam has the longest holidays and longest celebration as well. It starts with Pookkalam that’s the basic start of Onam celebration. In order to welcome the Legend King Mahabali this pookkalam is decorated in front of all houses.

Celebration of Kerala makes more special when it celebrated in special places such as T&U Leisure Hotel in Munnar.

Let me tell you the story of Onam how it got originated. Mahabali, who is considered as the king of Kerala ruled the land in a manner that people were full of joy, no lies, no one cheats and all were free from harm. Since he was that much attached to the kingdom and people he wished to visit his people once in a year to feel the happiness of his people living in the God’s own Country. And that annual visit is welcomed by the people of Kerala is celebrated as Onam.

People welcome the king by decorating the house with pookkalams. These are kind of Rangolis decorated using flowers. Onapookolam – The floral carpet which needs high patience and this will be done from first day called as Atham day till Thiruvonam day

Next comes the most Indispensable part – Onam Sadya. It’s the most important part because all the family members joints together for this meal and this one makes the most memorable moments sharing the varieties of the sadya items in banana leaf like Thoran, Pachadi, Mezhukuperatti, Kalan, Olan, Aviyal, Sambar,Erishei,Rasam,Dessert like payasam ,Chips, Pappadam and Rice. Onam sadya is purely Veg meal. All these full-fledged meals is served with love and care in T&U Leisure hotel.

Coming to Traditional dance forms including Thiruvathira, Kummattikali, Pulikali, Thumbi Thullal etc. are performed as part of celebrations all over Kerala at this time. Thiruvathirakali is something that women dances in a circle around the lamp. Kummattikali is something that people wear a kind of Mask and o to each house and perform.

Onam competitions also have a major role such as Pookkalam competition, Boat Races, Uriyadi, food eating competitions are also performed.

As I told you all before it is ten days of celebration which has its own uniqueness in each day. First day is called is Atham in when the first pookkalam is decorated. Day two is called as Chithira where pookkalam is added with few more colors of flowers. Day three is called as Chodhi. Day four is called as Visakam. Day five is Anizham. Day six is Thriketa this day all the cousins start coming to their hometown. Day seven is Moolam. Day eight is Pooradam. Day Nine is Uthradam. Day ten is the biggest day of all Thiruvonam.