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Arab Cuisine, the cuisine of sharing is originated from various regional cuisines around the Arab world. The essential concept of Arabian cuisine is the concept of hospitality and generosity. The perfect cuisine for perfect dinner time get together is Arabian cuisine. Because Dinner is traditionally the lightest meal, although in modern times, and due to changing lifestyles, dinner has become more important.

Regions accommodated in Arabian cuisine are Eastern Arabia, Yemen, The Levent, Egypt, Northwest Africa, Somalia, Sudan. As told before it’s a combination of all the Arab regions.

The cuisines are encrypted mainly with rice, dateswheatbarley, and meat, with little variety and heavy emphasis on yoghurt products. In fruits, citrus fruits play an important role. Coming to beverages coffee being on the top of the list, however, tea is also served in most of the Arab countries but still in Egypt and Jordan tea is on the top list.

Ramadan meals which contain a special sweet made in the Ramadan eve are knafeh, baklava, and basbousa, asqatayef. Futuur is the fast-breaking meal, that is taken while ending up the fasting and sahur is taken in the starting of fasting, that is a fast beginning meal.

To enjoy all these courses of the meal my request is to visit T&U Leisure Hotel where you can enjoy the dining of sharing without flying to Arab countries.  Some of the special dishes added to the menu of T&U is Laham Al Khaleej, SuboorMeshwi, Alfama Chicken, Barbequed Spar Robs, Samboosak.

Three main course of meals is Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. In Arab cuisine, the Breakfast is a quick meal with bread, dairy products and tea. Lunch is something which is bit heavy comprising salad, appetizers, were the main dish made of meat, fish served with rice, lentils or bread. Soup is the main starter to make everyone ready to start the exact meal for the day

Dinner as told before it’s the lightest meal and its one of the best get together time as well.

Coming to deserts KunafeNablusia is one of the best deserts which most of Arabians vote for and Hareeseh with almonds is one of the deserts made with semolina it’s also one of the most favourite desserts in Arab.

Juices the most famous juice all around world is pulpy grape juice which is also called as Arabian grape juice which has its own divine